Random musings about mountain bikes…

What a difference a day makes…

Only a few weeks we had a sudden down pour of snow here in Essex. I awoke on Saturday to a very clear and crisp morning and decided to have an impromptu ride along the river. With a playlist full of my favourite tunes I set off and had a great ride. The trail by the river was frozen, crisp and dry and I only saw two people fishing by the partially frozen river all morning. As far as solo contemplative bike rides go it was ideal.


I got in and tucked the bike up nice and warm in its cupboard and set about my usual weekend chores. Later that afternoon I looked out to see the sky a strange white colour I was not accustomed too, the missus turned up shortly after covered in the mysterious stuff apparently called snow? In my 11 years down south I had forgot what this mysterious fluffy product actually was.

Later that night hurried messages flew around arranging a fun snow ride for the following day. Snow rides were few and far between here in Essex so it was something to be excited about. The next day arrived and surprisingly the snow was so heavy that the crew was reduced to two of us. We headed out and had an awesome days riding, the trails had lots of evidence of other bikers out there enjoying the snow and not once did I stop to realise how cold it was. the snow made an amazing change to the trails, senses were heightened as we rode usual trails with a new found interest. Sections we could usually clear with dabbing became a real challenge and legs burned as we fought our way through the deep snow.


The snow became slush and turned to ice and then just became a nuisance. I am now glad that the snow has cleared. Hopefully we can get another snow day in but I just hope the cold snap doesn’t last longer than a couple of days and interfere with our usual riding. We went out last week on a beautiful frosty morning for a ride, not 100 yards from the house we hit the ice and I went down, closely followed by another three of my fellow riders. So what am I saying…… bring on Spring!


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