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Keswick 2 Barrow – It’s Official

Got the e-mail today to confirm our seven man/woman team have been approved for the Keswick to Barrow race. That means forty miles of beautiful countryside to cross as soon as possible.
We took part in it last year and I completed it in 8 hours 30 minutes. I ran the first half and then walked the rest. I was a bit gutted with my performance though, I didn’t get long runs in as I had been having problems with my right knee but the worst fact was that I stopped at the half way mark and consumed a burger, a sandwich and two cups of tea. For a moment I forgot were I was and thought I was on a Sunday morning cafe stop bike ride. It delayed me by 45 minutes.
So the training has already started, four runs a week at the moment with a long one at the weekend. Then chucking in two to three bike rides a week. I am aiming for a seven hour target but if I can ignore the burger van I will be happy.
Will keep you posted on how I get on with my training on the run up to May 7th.
Wish me luck (I will need it)…


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