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London 2 South Coast (Offorad) 2011

Took part in the British Heart Foundations London 2 South Coast event on Saturday just gone.

The 75 mile course starting in Richmond, London meanders down the Thames and over the M25 heading through the North Downs and then picks up the Downs Link and over the South Downs and finally ending up cycling down the promenade into Brighton.

The event was really well organised with around 800 people taking part.  Maps are supplied but these really are just to plot your progress.  Every junction or change of direction is signposted and we didnt get lost once. 


The start out in London follows the Thames and as I haev never really explored that area of London I really enjoyed it.  The North Downs is always great and the decent into Checkpoint 2 was great, luckily we had a quuiet patch with participants so coudl really hammer it down the trail. 

The final Checkpoint was just before the last hill of the day at around 63 miles.  Some locals advised that the last hill was unrideable and no one could get up it.  This obviously became a cahllenge for our group and we decided to set ourselves the task of riding it all.  It turned out that it was not that bad!  Although when we climbed it we were the only people doing so.  I belive those Welsh mountains worked as a good trainnig aid. 


We finished after 6 hours and 12 minutes of riding which I was quite happy about.  That mean’t we averaged about 12 mph throughout the day.  We could have done it a bit quicker but there were times when you couldn’t overtake on singletrack and had to plod along.

All in all it was a great day, the weather was great and had to some great banter with other riders.  The event was well organised and would definitely do it again.

I pondered which bike to ride and ended up going for the Yeti 575.  The hardtail would have been quicker but enjoyed the full suspension over such a long distance and the additional of some Continental Race Kings helped with the ride speed.


I believe next year they have the rights to call it the London to Brighton Offroad.  Check out the British Heart Foundation website for furhter detail.  They haev a lot of great events on throughout the year.



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