Random musings about mountain bikes…

Dusk Till Dawn – 24 Hours and counting

Well it just over twenty four hours before we arrive to take part in the Thetford MTB Dusk Till Dawn Race.  This is the first time we are entering this event and me and my buddy Stu are now getting slightly nervous.

Most of the preperation is done, lights have been borrowed and charged (thansk to Nick @ Chelmer Cycles for lending me a spare MaxxD).

I ams till considering tyre choice.  I have the Race Kings on at the moment but if it rains I may move over to the Rubber Queens.  Will do that tomorrow if required. 

I have stocked up on energy bars and I am going to make a tonne of pasta for before the race and during.  May take a stove for a bit of 3 am Pasta action, I have also packed the coffee for  a boost mid way through. 

Milk Bikes who are based on Chelmsford are going to be there with there new prototype MTB and 18 bikes are rravelling down from Hope.

Must remember to take the camera as well to record our fun event.

I’ll keep you posted on how we get on…


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