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Dusk Till Dawn – 2011 (Forecast – Muddy)

Well the Dusk Till Dawn took place in Thertford last weekend and myself and my friend Stu decided to give it a try.

It was a last minute entry but we decided after the fun we had on the London 2 Brighton we would furhter our racing knowledge.

Good event but I think we could have prepared better, as first timers we turned up in just a car, no tent, no gazebo.  No where to get dry and warm.  As it rained solidly this was not good.

With injuries and worsening conditions we bailed at around 4 am.  I think the major issue was that with only two of us we swapped over every hour so did not have time to get warm and dry so just got wetter and colder.  Stu also hurt his ankle which looked as though he had stuffed a tennis ball under his skin on the journey home.

I would suggest if your thinking of doing it then ensure you have somewhere under cover to change (tent or gazebo).  Take plenty of kit to change into if your doing multiple laps.  Preferrably take a group so you can enjoy the social aspect of it and enjoy watching the other riders.

Would like to try it again with more people next year and some better shelter.

Lesson’s have been learnt.  My eyes are still sore from all the mud and grit in them!

Start of the D2D…

One of the solo riders, they did 12 hours solid.  Some covered more that 120 miles.  Hardcore fellas…

Coming into the transition area…

Coming in from the first lap…

Lights galore…






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