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Stop taking crap photo’s – Great Rock Photography Course

Way back in April of this year I went on the Great Rock ‘Stop taking crap photo’s’ course. The main reason being I always liked taking pics when out biking with friends, and the missus had bought me a digital SLR for Christmas and I wanted to get some use out of it.

Ed has teamed up with Benji Haworth ( you will know the name from Singletrack magazine) to provide a weekend of guided riding around Hebden Bridge, find some nice locations and take some beautiful pictures. Benji would discuss the different shooting options at the locations, different styles and some thoughts to take into consideration. Ed generally just rode back and forth at this point whilst we took pictures of him. In between we used each other as models and then Ed would get involved giving us some skills tuition as well, particularly useful when we were doing the action shots. Add a pub lunch and a pint and thats a pretty perfect day.

I am pretty new to SLR cameras so it gave me a good insight into using the features of the camera, there were people there with expensive cameras and multiple lens but this just gave them more shooting options, the level was set at everybody from compact user to someone with all the gear. I loved it as it gave me the ability to stop and just take pictures for a few hours of my favourite past time.

So often when out with friends it is hard to get pictures except for break times. No one wants to stop on the trail as they are having too much fun, therefore most of my pictures ended up of tearooms.

Based on the pictures I took on the course I have enjoyed getting out with my camera more and now every few months me and my friends have a day specifically for biking and photography, I get some practice and they hopefully get a couple of cool photos of them on their bike.

The reason I mention this now months later is that I get the impression Ed is thinking about next years course, if you like photography and biking then I can definitely recommend it.

Check out my link to my Flickr account through this site for the course photos. You will recognise them anyway via Ed’s beard…

I have also dabbled with video as well now and I have posted these on here as well.

I may still take crap photos but I have learnt that the more you take every now and then you get a great one.


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