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DMR Viral – Chain Device

Bought a new chain device and fitted it at the weekend.

Say hello to the DMR Viral.  Shown here fitted to my On One Ti 456. 

I have been running at 1 x 9 set-up for some time and initially had a E-13 1.X top mount chain device which mounted behind the bottom bracket.  I never really got on with this, it was nice, light and minimal but meant that tightening up the bottom bracket was difficult.  It also used to slip over time and would end up rubbing on the chain.

I called in the LBS and had a chat and got shown some of the more robust chain devices, generally made by E-13.  Nice looking kit but not cheap at over £100.  I felt this was a large investment considering I was more concerned with keeping my chain on in more XC circumstances and was not intending to take on any full on DH courses.

Nick told me to leave it with him and a week later he produced the DMR Viral.  Half the price of the E-13 and looked a quality bit of kit.  The decision was made.

The Viral is ISCG 05 compatible and as my frame has the mounts it made sense to use them, this had been the major issue with the last chain device.  I had to mount it three times fitting the crank as well  to get the chain alignment correct.  This was done by fitting the provided spacers behind the device.  Once I had that correct you could adjust the top and bottom orientations with the crank fitted.  I could even tighten up the bolts with it in place.  All in it took about 1 hour to fit which didnt seem to bad.

I have had a couple of rides since installation and it ticks all the boxes, it keeps the chain in place, runs smothly and is relatively quiet.  The bottom jockey wheel makes a small noise but anything that interferes with the chain will.  It is nothing which causes concern though.

I may look at removing the bottom jockey wheel section if it starts to get too noisy or get filled up with mud but otherwise first impressions are good. 

I’ll let you know how I get on once I have ridden it some more.





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