Random musings about mountain bikes…

On One Goes singlespeed

Needed to replace the cassette, chain and gear cables on the On-One 456 so whilst I was waiting for the product to arrive I decided to convert to Singlespeed for a while.

I already had the chain tensioner and just reduced the cahin length done and hey presto.  Singlespeed fun…

I had just got a nice set of the new XT brakes as well with matching Ice Tech rotors so they have also gone on.  First impressions are very good.  The old Hope Mini’s felt a bit spongy and bleeding them didnt make a difference.  Maybe technology has moved on and modern brakes are just getting better.  Anyhow the XT’s feel a lot more powerful.

Been on a couple of rides now and can say that I am really enjoying it.  Had a mid week spin where Phil found every steep hill going and managed all of them (it is Essex though).  Then on Sunday did a longer 30 mile ride and kept up with the geared lads just fine.  Did notice the difference on the road ride to and from Danbury where obviouly I struggle a bit more.  Can maintain around 15 mph on the road then just spin.

Think I may stick with the single gear a bit longer, hopefully it will improve my fitness beofre moving back to the usual 1 x 9 set up.

Also put the Mavic SLR’s on the On-One so feels really light at the mo.  I had put my Race Kings on but after our recent bad weather the X-Kings are now back on.  Race Kings were just too sketchy.




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