Random musings about mountain bikes…

Horizontal Dropout Rant

After running the On One for a few weeks in singlespeed mode I decided to remove the tensioner and move to horizontal dropouts.  The reason being that the frame can be modified to accept them  and that it would look a neater solution.

I changed over the mounts on the frame with no issues , fitted the chain tug through the QR and then set about fitting the chain.  Had the wheel fitted and pushed fully in,measured the chain and split it and joined it with a power link (note I am using a 9 speed chain).  Pulled back on the wheel and then wound in the stops on the tug which bottomed out before hitting the dropout.  I decided the chain needed to be shorter!

Removed the power link, took at link out of chain and tried again.  This time it was too short!  CRAP..

With the wheel fully in I could not get the chain over the front and rear rings.

I had been contemplating moving to a smaller rear cog so fitted a 13T ring and tried again, this time the chain fit over but the chain tug was on its very limit of max tension.  I went for a test ride and the chain kept skipping.  The chain had become quite slack.

For some reason I put the 15T cog back on and this time managed to get the chain on by spining the pedals back.  Mangaed to tension it well with the tug and it held.  Victory.

Had to spend some time getting the wheel aligned as well to ensure it wasnt out of balance.

Been for a few rides now and seems fine on tension.  I do notice on heavy cornering or tight cornering I get a rubbing noise, Ithink from the rear disc rotor.  I think this may be flex from the back end?

Is it worth fitting another chain tug on the non drive side to assist with this?

Woudl it be worth moving to a 1/2 link chain to assist with chain set-up?

Think I will look on the Singletrack forum for some assistance in this matter or if anyone out there has some comments then please feel free.  Think I may be over complicating matters?




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