Random musings about mountain bikes…

Olympic XC MTB Weekend…

Had a great weekend just gone.


I had already had Thursday off to go and watch the Olympic 10 metre diving semi finals and then booked the Friday off work to chill out (awesome full english at the Heybridge Basin Tearooms).

Friday  night, we headed over to Hadleigh.  Velo Virtuoso had planend a Pre-Olympic bike ride around the area.  Sam from VV had put the event up on Facebook expecting about 20 people to turn up.  Over 60 ended up on it, much to his surprise. 

On arrival we were informed that BBC Look East were going to film us starting out on our ride as part of a piece they were doing for the Olympic MTB being in town.  A nice little ride and wave to the camera and then we picked up heading to some of the camps for the different coutries who had set up at various schools in the surrounding area.

We rolled into the Cannondale set up and was met by Manuel Fumic (Came a very respectable 7th on the day) who was vvery friendly and signed autographs and helmets etc. 

We then headed over to the castle on the hill which overlooks the course for a bit of a sneak peek.

Sam of VV then decided that based on the fact 60 + people had turned up and some bikes were not overly off road friendly that it was time for the pub.  We broke off and had our own off road spin and met at the pub later.  By that point Sam of VV was looking slightly glassy eyed!

The next morning we headed over to Steve’s who conveniently lives about 4 miles from the course and headed over on our bikes.  Some friends of his live around the corner and provided a very handy bike store.

The weather was glorious and the course was great.  I must admit I was dubious of the course when I first saw it but after watching the pro’s going around it was not an easy course.  Some technical sections through rock gardens and they were permenantly on the pedals.  They had used the contours of the hills well to get the max out of the climbs.

Annie Last got off to a good start but then started to drop back, she certainly had the crowds support as she went around in first place on the 1st lap.  Bresset then took over and seemed to dominate for the remainder of the race.  Spitz had an off on Dean’s drop which gave Bresset even more of a lead.  Bresset didnt even look tired at the end of the race compared to the other competitors.  A great effort by ‘Last’ coming in 8th!

Took about 220 pics over the day, stuck a few below which I liked.

Plesae admire the one of Emily Batty, she had a fractured collar bone but still went out and completed the race.  Very impressive.  She is also quite easy on the eye!




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