Random musings about mountain bikes…

Testing the Bikepacking Kit…

Had a bit of free time on Sunday afternoon so decided to have a trial packing and tarp session with the bikepacking kit.

It is my first night out on Saturday so thought I would have a quick play.

Packing the drybags is an art in its self.  As you can see from the pictures below I still need to rethink some of my packing.

Bikepacking Systems...

Bikepacking bag tests...

The seatpost drybag is not fully inside the harness.  I had packed it with quite solid kit so it would not stretch or mould to the harness so therefore will not be as stable.

The dryabg on the handlebars worked well but was a 20 litre drybag.  I think in reality this is too large but will be ok for starters.  I think really I can get away with a 13 litre one.  20 litres will just make me pack more stuff if there is room.

Kit List:

Handlebar Drybag:

  • Alpkit Pipedream 600 (Quite a big and heavy sleeping bag but is what I haev and dont want to spend any more money at the moment).
  • Gore Tex Bivvy Bag (eBay special – Ex military.  Again I can look at something better if I do more and into winter).

Seatpost Drybag:

  • Tarp (Alpkit Rig 7 – new purchase for the bikepacking).
  • Rollmat (Old one – not the smallest again but is comfy, takes a bit of space up though).
  • Spare guide lines and tent pegs (again nothing special or light).
  • Lightweight Primaloft jacket for sitting around.

Backpack (Not pictured) – Osprey Talon 22:

  • Trekmates Flameless cooking System (Uses chemical reactions to cook food – Works well on basic food).  Generally used dried food.
  • Couple of packs of dehyrated food.
  • Ipod Nano (need some entertainment).
  • Head torch
  • Spork
  • Small wash kit
  • Bit of loo roll.
  • Extra Water – 500ml water bottle.
  • Bike spares kit – Tubes, repair kit, pump, multi-tool, leatherman.

Also on bike:  Water Bottle, GPS, Use Exposure Maxx D light.

Also had a dabble with the tarp build.  Had a go at using the bike to support the tarp.  Some success but needs more work.  The best effort was using the wheel off the bike at the bottom and then a couple of sticks at the entrance.  Was nice and stable but not much head room and it did have a flat spot on the top which coudl allow water to collect if the weather turns ugly.

Tarp Testing

Further work is required on this but that is why I’m having a night out this weekend.  I think over time I should come up with a better system.

Bring on the weekend, and hopefully some nice weather…  Fingers crossed…




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