Random musings about mountain bikes…

Singular Gryphon Build

Well its been a while now since I built up the Gryphon so thought I would give a quick update.

Over the last few months it has appeared to be my go to bike unless we were heading to somewhere with big hills and big descents.  I believe it has also made me enjoy riding by myself more as well as I have found myself heading out on my own for a bit of introverted alone time (not a bad thing!).

Its not a light bike by any means but the position is comfortable and it rolls well.  I have done some reasonable distances on it and still feel good afterwards. Ive even had some off road fun with it and I must admit it is great fun thrashing around the singletrack.  Riding in the drops feels right and adds to that illusion of speed.  I think it also makes me more conscious of line choice and hopefully a better rider?

I have made some tweaks since the first build. The main change being the wheels.  I had a set of hefty Bontrager SSR’s and they felt harsh.  On rides over 30 miles my hands started to feel numb for a good 24 hours.  I decided to invest in some carbon rims (chinese – that’s a whole different story) but finally they felt good and made the ride a lot nicer and less harsh.  The carbon rims seemed to remove a lot of the chatter of the road/trail and the weight reduction helped loads.

I also changed the gear ratio so I am now running 34:16.  This is a nice cruising speed on the road (approx. 15 mph) but is still ok for some offroad exploring.

I originally fitted a 70mm stem and that is still on there but I do want to experiment with longer stems as this may help.

I have also run it with Conti X-Kings 2.2 (wouldn’t recommend going any bigger as there is not much room left) and Conti Cyclocross tyres which were great.

Other than that the ride is great.

Attached some pictures below of the bike in various forms and on various ride, Like I have said it is a joy to ride and looking forward to getting out some more this summer!

Singular Gryphon - Church 2

Angel & Gryphon 2

Gryphon - Headbadge

Gryphon - Flitch 1

Singular Gryphon - Crank

Thaxted church. Nice cobbles.

Hangover Blast Ride

River Ride to the Shops.

Urban Ride

Sea Wall Ride on the Gryphon

Maiden Voyage of the Singular Gryphon


2 responses

  1. Dan Phillips

    Lovely looking bike, can I ask what make is the bottle cage, looks similar to the Ringle ones I used to run years ago, love the style of it?

    June 20, 2013 at 6:41 am

    • The bottle cage is made by Lezyne. Believe they come in silver or black. It is a lovely design.

      June 20, 2013 at 8:30 am

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