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Conti Lightning Run – What A Scorcher…

Took part in the Continental Lightning Run last weekend.

A team of four of us did the 12 hour relay race in very high tempertures.  Out of the four of us, 3 of us have not really been training due to illness etc.  This meant we had a relaxed attitude to the event, drinking wine the evening before whilst everyone else was scoffing pasta and energy drinks.

We did well considering our lack of training.  We did 10 laps during the 12 hours (10km per lap) and I managed to get around three times.

First lap being 54 minutes and last being 1 hour and 4 minutes.

A very well organized event with a great goodie bag – T-shirt, water bottle and buff!  Although it was £45 to enter!

Impressively the individual mens results was 14 laps in 12 hours and his lap times ranged from 49 – 54 minutes.  Bloody good going!

Even got a cracking medal……

Conti Lightning Run Medal

Maybe sign up for the 24 hour Thunder run next year…. Ha ha!


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