Random musings about mountain bikes…

Turn to the Dark Side

Well I have been pondering this for quite some time.  During the past few months I have been venturing further afield and getting greater mileage in.  The Gryphon was great fun but often left me wondering if I should actually get a road bike to get the benefit of the weight, gears and faster speeds.

So I have taken the plunge.  I have got hold of a second Hand Cannondale Synapse Carbon 5.  Shimano 105 groupset , FSA crank and brand new Shimano RS10 wheels. 

I didnt test ride many bikes, had a go on a Wilier, CAAD 8 and a cheapy B-Twin but noticed the comfort and positioning of the Synapse from the moment I got on it.  The bike is designed for crunching the miles and this appeals.  Probably not the stiffest or fastest bike on the market but great for my first venture into road riding.

It has always been a joke amongst my mountain bike friends that buying  a road bike is moving to the Dark Side.  I have already started to receive the ‘Roadie Scum’ comments but I will just have to try to cope with the abuse.

Will see how it goes and how often I reach for the bike when I go to make the choice.  It could be on e-Bay shortly.  It will at least speed up my commute.

Will keep you posted.  Some pics below of the new steed!






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