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Darkside Ride 100 miler – Lowestoft to Witham

Did my first decent ride on the Dark Side Bike (Cannondale Road Bike) at the weekend.

Me and a couple of friends caught the train up to Lowestoft on the Norfolk coast and then cycled home.  I planned a route on BikeHike and it came out around the 90 mile distance which seemed fine.

Arrived in Lowestoft with no dramas, never really used the train for transporting the bike before but all worked well and was very relaxed.

Start Point - Lowestoft

We headed down to Southwold, and caught the foot ferry ( large row boat) to Walberswick then pieced down to Bawdsey, we made a slight navigational erro at this point so ended up in Orford but soon got back on track.

Southwold Ferry Jetty. First of three ferries.

Stu and Andy at Southwold.

Arrival at Bawdsey meant lunch in the Boathouse Cafe and then ferry number 2 (slightly bigger boat with motor) and then headed into Felixstowe.  We had to book the Felixstowe ferry as it was timed and luckily we arrived 10 minutes before departure.

Andy on Bawdsey Ferry - No. 2

Me and Stu waiting for Felixstowe Ferry - No. 3.

Bike on Felixstowe - Harwich Ferry.

We arrived in Harwich for the last leg of the journey and headed for home.  We got into Witham at about 98 miles so did a quick lap of the town to push us over the 100 mile mark.

Arrival in Harwich - last leg.

Very happy to have completed my first 100 mile ride.  Could feel it in my legs and ate my own body weight in food that night.

Final Stats, just hit the 100!

Strava - Route detail.

Off to plan my next train, ferry based adventure!!!!


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