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Rain, rain and more rain!

Well what can I say about the weather of late?  WET!

I know we have not been as bad as some parts of the country but this has been the wettest I have ever know Essex in the 14 years of living here.

The last few weeks have been biblical.  I went out a couple of weeks ago and headed on my usual route over to the local trails to meet friends.  I got to the river to find a road closed sign and the road under water.  Now normally I would have turned around and found a different route but I was running late and the week before we had been on a very wet weekend in Wales, my brain kicked in with ‘ well it cant be any worse than last weekend?’.  I started to ride into the road, the water poured over my boots and then it got to the point were I just couldn’t cycle any more.  I then had to get off the bike and wade nearly waist deep through the flood.  This was a bit worse than Wales!

I met with friends, rode some trails then headed home, I thought I may as well go the same route as I was already soaked.  I got to the river to be met by a photographer from the Essex Chronicle taking pictures.  ‘It’s quite deep, I would find another route’.  ‘Nah, Ive already been through it today so may as well head back through it’…  ‘Mind if I take some pictures then’ he chuckled to my reply.

I got home cold and wet but having had a good ride and a bit of adventure.  The week after my friend Keith produced a newpaper cutting of me from the paper wading through the water.  I was quite chuffed to have got in!

The week after I again arranged to meet friends for an early morning pootle.  This time I took the other route over, which never usually has any issues.  As I got towards the fishing lakes I noticed the familiar sight of a road closed sign.  What the hell, it cant be worse than last week.  IT WAS!  I managed to wade over to the raised walkway but the road must have been under 3 foot of water.  The rest of the ride was filled with blasting through puddles and deep water as it didn’t really matter as my feet were soaking.

This left one road open to get to the other side of the river, my ride last week now has that at the point were a 4×4 can get through but cyclists will get wet feet.

The missus is not happy as my winter boots are permanently drying on the radiators and I have now resorted to putting wet boots back on.  I have realised I have no common sense and need to turn around at Road Closed signs.

Cant wait for this horrendous weather to finish, roll on Summer!

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