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I’ve been riding the On-One Ti 456 singlespeed through most of winter.  I must admit I like the simplicity of the singlespeed.  I ride it and then put it away until the next ride.    The Ti frame means it doesn’t need constant cleaning and I generally don’t worry to much about the chain, just a quick wipe down.  It gets rusty but what the hell…

I do use the bike for a bit of bikepacking as well in nicer weather and it does get some outings to hillier areas so generally in Spring, gears come back.  For the last few years I have run a Sram XO 9 speed on the back and single ring (32T) up front with a chain device.  This seems to cover most of my needs.  I did the Welsh Ride Thing with this set up and although we clocked up 116 miles through deepest darkest Wales it did nearly kill me. 

So this year I have treated myself to a new drivetrain.  I have gone for 1 x 10.

The LBS did me a great deal on a Shimano XT Shadow + (clutch) rear mech and single shifter and found found a great on line bargain for SLX cassette and chain.  I also got a thick/thin front chainring meaning that in theory with the clutch rear mech I would not need a chain device.

I fitted them this weekend and I must admit the clutch does seem to tension the chain well.  The lack of chain device makes the bike look clean and should reduce resistance.  Only time will tell if it actually works?  I will hopefully test it out this weekend.

I also got a new addition to the bikepack kit in the form of a Alpkit Possum.  This is slung of the top tube and will be useful for carry all manor of kit.  It s probably going to carry all my small bits and pieces that I use to accompany the camping and cooking kit.  Plus easy to reach food.



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