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Blade Trail: Afan – Mountain Bike Weekend

Had a great weekend in Wales, now sat in work wishing I was back there!

Headed over to Afan on Saturday where we did Y Wall and Blue Scar on the Saturday and then hit the newly opened Blade Trail on Sunday.

We have done The Wall a few times and I really enjoy it as a trail.  A bit too much fire road on the way up but really enjoy the rocky singletrack descent and it is always in good condition.  We then did the Blue Scar in the afternoon, only around 30 minutes to get around it but just a fun blue route.  The final descent is fast but a bit too manicured for my liking.



On the Sunday we headed for the newly completed Blade Trail.  We had heard rumours that the trail was a bit of a mess in places and had not dealt with the recent bad weather but decided to try it.

The technical climb straight out of the car park is a refreshing change.  Much prefer it to fire road.  It actually seems easier than riding up fire road.  Maybe because you are concentrating (and enjoying) the trail.  The descents were great with a nice mixture of fast and flowy singletrack and some more technical rocky descents.  I would class it as a more technical red route but found it to be a great all round trail with something for everyone.

The trail was a bit muddy and already some of the berms are starting to break down with braking bumps and may be very quickly be ruined as it has only been open for 5 weeks.  Hopefully they will get on it and sort this out before Spring/Summer kicks in and number of visitors increase.

Was still amazed yesterday by the number of people riding these trails without helmets.  We had four seasons in one day yesterday with sleet and hail and particularly cold sections and still bumping into people wearing baseball caps, t-shirts and hoodies!  Bonkers!



Legs on the Blade...


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