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FWC Training – King of the Downs

So we did plan to ride some of the FWC (Fred Whitton Challenge) loop this weekend but the weather in the Lakes was hideous with bad fog forecast.  This plus the thought of a 6 hour drive was enough to make us stay down south and ride in some sunnier and dryer weather.

It was therefore decided that we would attempt the King of the Downs loop generally arranged by Evans in June but we got hold of the gpx file on line and did it unsupported.  It was actually a really well thought out route making the most of the surrounding area and picking up every hill possible.  The first half headed out to Box Hill which I felt was a bit underwhelming but some of the other hills had a real kick to them.

Lunch at Box Hill then we completed the first half.  The route is a figure of 8 so it is os tempting to stop at the half way point, but we continued on.  Things went well until around 90 miles when I started to lag. I checked my blood sugar levels and they had started to drop.  I had a couple of energy bars which helped but I think by this time I had not consumed enough food to fuel me on.

The last couple of hills were real killers and hit me hard.  The last few miles were me just limping along with the fuel tank on empty.  I had bonked big time.

I have never been so happy to see my car and the finish of a ride.  One of the toughest days on a bike ever for me.

I really need to look at my fuelling on these longer rides, I have not had the issue before but generally I am not out riding constantly from 8 am to 6 pm at night.  I need to get in the mindset of eating every 30 minutes to keep my energy levels up

Next ride I am going to force myself to eat more often and I also need to get some hill practice in.  maybe more sessions of my local big hill.  Not enjoyable riding but neccessary for the FWC.

I must admit that the riding I am doing at the moment is not my style of riding.  It is a means to an end to complete the FWC, something which I have always wanted to do.  Once this is completed I am looking forward to ramping my miles down and enjoying some off road and more relaxed riding.

Only 5 more weeks to the FWC!!!!  Pic taken by Stu at the top of Box Hill…





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