Random musings about mountain bikes…

Bluebell Ride – An annual event…

Well what is nicer than that time of year when the Bluebells come out… For a MTB’er not much.

It is a rare treat to ride through this wonderful landscape and enjoy the beauty of bluebells.  We also seem to have nice weather when the Bluebells are out with lovely dry trails.

Therefore this is the third year that we have done our annual Bluebell ride with the purpose of lugging out all my camera gear and stopping to try some reasonable pictures of the event.

I’d just like to thank all the riders involved for there patience and input into the ride.  Need more colourful clothing though.  Nearly everyone was wearing black!

13917713721_fc630c31aa_o 13917715136_94a9517f90_o 13917719076_ba3db50ed9_o 13917729116_7595854b71_o 13917731632_1894e97337_o(1) 13917732926_73ff338559_o 13941274304_7fc2ae7ca3_o

Such fun…




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