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New Bike – Getting back in the Habit

So things have been a little slow on the riding front this year.

A house move earlier in the year and the aftermath of decorating and sorting out the new place has resulted in a lack of interest in the bike and all thing cycling.  I’ve missed the usual outings and trips and even the regular Sunday trips.

I have managed to keep eating though  and a trip to France to amass a lot of wine has also resulted in the pounds piling on due to the lack of exercise.

The On-One had developed a nasty creak and then the Yeti needed some much needed maintenance and money spending on it which also added to me not riding much.

So I needed to get back on it, I have reduced my calorie intake to try and assist my waistline and upon returning from our French hols last weekend I had a conversation with the missus and some how persuaded her that I needed a new bike and that would assist with my motivation.

I have been looking at the Cannondale Habit SE since it came out last year.  A great looking bike and ticked a lot of boxes for what I was looking for.  120mm travel, light, nice specification.  The fact that the 2017 bikes are due out and Rutland Cycles where getting rid of stock and dropped the price by nearly £1k made it even more desirable.

I ordered on Saturday evening.  Rang them on Sunday morning and picked it up early afternoon.  Great customer service from Rutland I must say, they pushed it through quickly and communicated well when it was ready.  I collected from the Peterborough store which was a nice shop and the staff were really helpful.

Took the bike for a spin when I got home, after removing all the reflectors and the bell.

Went for a quick loop around the sea wall and the first impressions of the bike were that it felt light and responsive.

The night after I headed over to Danbury to test it off road.  It gained speed quickly, a lot faster than the Yeti with me braking more into sections as I felt I was going much quicker.  The suspension seemed to work well being very smooth over rooted sections and in the jumps.  I did play around with the rebound settings and found that middle of the road on the Lefty fork seemed to work well.   The Sram Guide brakes also seemed to work well, I have not been a fan  of there previous incarnations (Avid) but it looks like they have upped there game. Got back to the car with a mucky bike and a big grin on my face.

Last night I met up with Mr. B and had a ride over to the pub for a pint or three and dessert.    That’s three days in a row and my legs are feeling it today.  Looking on Strava I have only done 350 miles this year with around 50 being in the last three days.

We have LLandegla and Marin Trail coming up in October so need to build up the momentum and get more miles in.

Some pics of the bike from the last few days.

Not a Bad Habit... New bike...

Not a Bad Habit... New bike...

First ride in the mucky stuff...



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