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Fred Whitton Challenge – Bugger I got in!

Well I have looked at the Fred Whitton Challenge (112 miles, 4000m of climbing sportive) for a few years now and always liked the idea of it.  There was always one problem though, I didn’t have a road bike!  Well that changed at the end of last year so the obvious obstacle was removed.

I had a quiet chat with Stu (@stuartw81) and he was up for it although his nervousness towards it started to worry me.

We applied and waited for the outcome.  The notification day came and went and I assumed we had not got in, then I heard it was delayed and the lucky people would be notified via mail (not electronic) – more waiting.

Then the letter arrived and we were in!  I informed Stu who didn’t seem overly excited but insisted he needed to get some riding in ASAP (he rides far more than I do, infact double my mileage last year).  He got in an 80 mile straight off but it didn’t end too well in the fact that a car hit him and ripped all the ligaments out of his right shoulder!  Not a great start to his training.

Well I have now started training, I am doing some form of exercise every day in February in the form of either a 4 mile run or 10 mile bike ride to get my fitness levels up.  Coming into March the distances are going to creep up with some hill interval training sessions and then April will be some 100+ mile rides.

Still need to come up with a target time to complete it.  8 hours is in my head but scared this is too optimistic ?

Will keep the blog updated with my progress!1st Darkside Ride fwc fatstu FWC